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Intelligent Design : Greatest Evidence for God’s Existence

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Once an atheist asked a boy. Have you ever touched God? The answer was “no”. Again he asked “Have you ever seen him”? Again It was a “No”. Atheist: ” then why do you believe in such God that you cannot touch, not even seen? The Boy was silent for a moment and in return asked him. “Can you touch the sound waves that come out of my mouth? “ Atheist answered “No”. Boy: “Can you see the sound waves?”. “No”. Boy answered him as fast as his reply. “Then why are you talking with me still?..I think ‘I’m not here,right??” You cannot disprove God’s existence because you cannot comprehend it! If you are going deep to disprove God’s existence, you are the one who goes closer to God. There was a time when world believed that all living matters evolved from non-living matters. This idea flourished with ‘chemical evolution’ and ‘genetic mutations’. By compromising with this theories church has changed the concept of creation into ‘theistic evolution’. Some others began to teach that the nature itself is the creator and no need for a designer or creator. But after hundred years of Darwin’s findings, the new theory called ‘genetics’ has distorted the ‘Darwinism’ and ‘Noe-Darwinism’ and it unveiled the need of an intelligent designer. It opened up a way to the remarkable and mind boggling mysteries inside the cellular structure from a concept of cell as just as a ‘cytoplasm.’ This Intelligent Design movement became a huge challenge to atheism.

Intelligent Programming:

A simple example for an ‘intelligent programming’ is this article which you are reading right now. As we know that this article forms only, when ten thousands of letters, thousands’ of words intellectually and intentionally connect according to the syntax rules, grammar in relation with the ideas running inside my brain. This altogether made an intelligent programming and it lead to this. You are never going to believe me if I say that this article was formed and printed on this paper after a ‘dynamite’ explosion took place in my study room! Yes, there is a need of a creator of this article and this must be intentional too. It was not ‘evolved’ but intentionally ‘created’. But modern scientific analysis tries to explain everything in the same way even they know the reality!The information inside the DNA of a cell is innumerable. One chromosome can have as little as 50 million base pairs or as much as 250 million base pairs. Cell is extremely small and is not visible through naked eye. Proteins are forming by the highly programmed information from DNA by adding ten thousands of amino acids. As we know that the IT companies like Google and Microsoft will not exist without the qualified programmers, hence there is need of an intelligent programming ,programmer, not only in a single cell, but also for hundred types of cells in the animal and plant kingdom to make life possible on this planet. A mistake from a computer programmer is shown a big Error message in the output screen, think there is not a even single mistake in the programming encoded in the Cellular structure. Think what if the computer software programme is just an after effect of a big bang?? Sounds absolutely nonsense. Yes! Whether it is Computer or Cell; there is a need of an intelligently designed programme. Thus this programme needs a ‘designer’.

Intelligent Designs:

In a computer listening music,typing, updating apps at the same time without interruptions is made possible by the process called multitasking.The phenomenon of a computing process is dividing a ‘second’ into thousands of fractions and processing all this tasks, and making it user friendly. If a man made ‘design’ can do this much tasks look at this ‘intelligent design’ of the ‘Intelligent designer’!! When we are asleep; our brain is still in process and it does thousands of activities to sustain the life in each and every second without pausing itself!! This highly sophisticated organ called ‘brain’ of 1300 grams where 100 billion neurons are firing and executing billions of information.Stephen Hawking, who is known to be the most intelligent man in thus planet opines that human brain is just like a computer and when it is damaged we die. Through this he was trying to state that everything is just mechanical and there is no need for someone to design a ‘brain’. But I think Hawking has failed by mentioning the ‘computer’ in his argument! What would he reply if we ask him that how this computer (design) was formed whether by ‘tornado’, either by ‘big bang’ in computer labs or Big Bang?? No, if he tries to answers that it is made by tornado, all his theories will fall down because that would be utterly nonsense! But, he will not answer this, because he knows that it is made in the labs by the intentional-intelligent design of the technicians! What would be your response if a computer manufacturing company ,says that they have the electronic chip made up of by mixing and shaking some amount of silicon and metal pieces in a jar and it came as electronic chip through jar’s opening! Anyway no one is going to believe such explanations.If a small chip needs such an explanation, think as the most sophisticated machine/design in the universe, the ‘Brain’ is intelligently designed!! There are numerous examples are in this cosmos to explain the intelligent designs.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN is ‘transparent’ way for Science to understand ‘GOD’s existence:

It is not hard to understand the existence of an ‘intelligent designer’, if the bio-mechanical motor, the heart, which could pump 13,000 liters of blood per day and 24*7 availability for the lifetime mechanism’, ‘The two HD video cameras, the eyes which could make videos and sends it to the brain after the readings through millions of sensor cells on retina’, ‘which are the highly complicated and colorful designs of different kind of flowers’ and ‘the highly risky process, the journey of a ‘single cell’ in the womb to ’15 trillion cells’ of fully grown human body’ proves that without a designer the possibility of such complicated design is ZERO.Intelligent design clarifies the various forms of life began abruptly through an intelligent agency.Theworld have seen many theories in philosophy, religion and science to answer for genesis and the beginning of life. But Bible is the only religious source coming from ancient times that fits the modern scientific theories. It accurately says YES to Intelligent Design. ‘Intelligent Design’ is the ‘transparent window’ for Science to understand the handiwork of the designer. Man cannot run from the reality by rejecting it by explaining useless non-logical arguments! Whether we accept it or not; ‘Truth’ has its own stand. It is ‘Absolute’, That is why Yahweh said “I AM THAT I AM”. Man ‘makes’ something out of ‘something’ , but God ‘Creates’ everything out of ‘Nothing’! So He is not just an ‘Intelligent Designer’ but a ‘Super Intelligent Designer’ and a ‘True Designer’ !!

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