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Finding Inspiration in Every Stories

The testimonies shared by the viewers of the Pneuma Life Television Program, hotline prayer calls and deliverance meetings are a true testament to the power of faith and the impact it can have on our lives. We have heard incredible stories of salvation of souls, supernatural healing from sickness, breaking of curses, casting out of demons, financial breakthroughs, and freedom from suicidal thoughts. Every story is a blessing and a reminder that God is still in control. We invite you to read from some of those stories and experience the power of faith for yourself.


Praise Report | “Three Souls for Christ” | 15th May 2023

Few months ago this Man noted down my phone number in the calendar and kept it there while it appeared in the TV Program - ‘Pneuma Life’. He was a heart patient and the mother was burdened with much physical pain all over body for long time. This family has gone through many problems and stress and spirtual attacks for many years. They had been asking me to come to their house and pray for some days as the spiritual attack was intense. She was literally crying while calling me this morning! Today I went to their house and initially I shared the gospel message to them. The Spirit of the Lord was so strong while sharing the word and three of them accepted the Lord and Savior with a very deep devotion and willing to live for Jesus!! They were filled with much peace and joy just after the confession prayer for Salvation!!

He was unable to long walk and after the heart surgery and the Lord immediately gave him a miraculous healing while Praying. He was not able to believe what was going through prayer as the Lord was touching inside out! He felt pain and hardness on his chest was gone instantly!! This mother (His wife) has struggled for many years, she was unable to work continuously and was not able to lift heavy objects while work! She joyfully demonstrated the physical healing happened to her instantly followed the prayers when she felt the healing all over body! The stress and fear that had hardened her life for many years and she got delivered from all of it in Jesus name! Their daughter in law who is in this photograph is a Masters in Commerce graduate! The details regarding her family that God revealed through ‘word of knowledge’ was amazing and I can’t wait what God’s gonna do for her in the coming days! The spirit of the Lord touched her entire body and she felt her bones were froze down when the Power of the Lord hit her! This was happening first time in her life!

Today, the Lord has brought so much joy to this house that has never been experienced before! Jesus is LORD

Yahweh Rapha! 

                                           Praise Report | 27 April 2023

The Lord has touched Anju who was unable to study after the first year of her course due to spiritual attacks. She was doing a diploma course on dialysis. Strong tiredness and a strong feeling of not wanting to study while opening the book made her life mad and lost for hope for future. As we prayed together on the phone, something heavy lifted off her forehead and felt like a great relief in head instantly in Jesus name!! And a great desire to learn was birthed in her heart!! Anju is very happy and excited right now and able to learn easier than before! All Glory and Honor to Jesus alone!


                 Praise Report | Prophecy Fulfilled | 19th March 2023 

A dear sister who attended our online meeting a few months ago from Tiruvalla shared to me that she and her family is praying for a house and that the house they were currently living in was leaking when it rained! She was desperately wished for this to happen. As we were praying together, the Lord spoke to this daughter through prophesy, the construction works are going to begin within weeks and the financial means for it will be miraculously prepared by a miraculous source!

As well as the Spirit of the Lord prophetically showed me a beautiful ‘white’ painted house with decorative lights, where people would gather and sing songs and enjoy and house warming would take place! Amen! Friends, the construction works began within weeks according to that prophecy and the funds were miraculously opened for this family!! Hallelujah! Below is the picture of the beautiful house sent by this dear sister who asked for prayers showing that this is the house decorated with beautiful lights as spoken in the prophecy! In between some people rose against them regarding the construction of walls around this house since they were moving legally to stop them making walls!! The spirit of jealousy!! But while we were praying for this, God shown me that this will be completed in the right time without any issues or legal problems! And that completed very soon as well! Amen! See, this beautiful decorated house which was formed in God’s heart even before the designer sets everything!!

The second miracle was a prayer for the scholarship of a child who is pursuing Ph.D from this same family! God has heard the prayers and below is the picture of the list which shows that the answer from Almighty that she is qualified! She’s on the list! Wow!!

All things are possible to those who believe in Him! I’m really praising God for the faith of this precious family! I was completely surprised while I was driving through the apporach road to see this beautiful house! Because, it was the exact copy of what I’ve seen in vision in that zoom meet! Hallelujah!

           Praise Report | Angelic Protection | 17th March 2023 

In a meeting held this evening at Munnar, I was guided by the Holy Spirit to talk about the protection of God's angels for us. Suddenly I stepped into the crowd in Spirit to a brother who was sitting in front of me and began to speak about the protection of God's angels over him. Spirit revealed that the Angel of God intervened in his case as the Spirit of God told me to lay my hand on his ‘left shoulder’. And the Spirit spoke to him that God has removed a ‘metal implant’ (I felt it like God’s cancelling a surgery related things on left shoulder). The Holy Spirit strongly mentioned the divine protection over him and his taxi service while speaking to him in Spirit!

After the prayer service he came to me and called me outside to speak something urgently. When I went out to find out what happened, he showed his Auto-rickshaw (Indian Vehicle / Taxi) that he had escaped from a big accident that happened few days ago!! He was driving this Auto-rickshaw and when he was driving through a narrow pocket road near by a forest area, a big metal rode that was pushing hit his Auto-rickshaw at high speed, hit the side mirror and pushed in, and hit the side of the auto's seat and went out!!!

I found that the front end of the Rickshaw that hit by that metal rode was partially damaged and he repaired it after that accident. He very vehemently said that if the big rode had gone in, that would have penetrated his shoulder (exactly left side shoulder that shown by the Spirit in today’s meeting) and he would have suffered a major injury! The ‘word of Knowledge’ was confirming him that He is under the surveillance and protection of the Angels of God! He was very excited and thanking God while explaining this outside! Hallelujah!

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